Laminate flooring is available in many styles and colors.

Some provide the real look of wood and others can have the look of tile. These floors are a durable alternative to real wood.

They are installed on any type of sub-floor making installations a better choice to many home owners.

Laminate floors are installed as a Floating Floor. This type of installation means the new flooring is not adhered to the sub floor at all. This allows for expansion and longer wear. It also allows for installation above concrete without all the hassles associated with some flooring.

These floors are more quiet in their applications. Some are glued together and others offer a snap together product saving time and money in most cases.

The market for laminate is steadily growing. The products continue to improve in quality and style therefore allowing this to be the latest and easiest alternative to update and beautify your home.

These products have lifetime warranties and are moisture resistant and can easily be installed over any type of sub-floor.

We carry the newest styles in the V-Groove single plank featured by BHK quickstep, Columbia, Tarkett and Shaw.